postheadericon Let Jesus Give You A Facial (Satan Free Version)

It seems that Satan went and swapped out The Hour of Bein Good with satanic rock and roll music, but he ain’t gonna win.  Everything oughta be ok now.

While talking about Thanksgiving and World AIDS Day (homos playing baskeball??) I started thinking about how Pat Robertson looks so young and ain’t got many wrinkles.  Then it hit me – y’all don’t need to spend a lot of money on creams and powders and surgery – ya just need to let Him into your heart and he’ll give you the facial ya always wanted!

God is Love!

Oh, yeah – I just got some new t-shirts made that’ll help ya when yer passing out Chick Tracts.  They make great Christmas presents to! The front of it has my stern but loving face on it and the back says, “Let Jesus come not only into your heart, but all over you”. I think that just about everybody’s dream!

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