postheadericon Michael Vick Shoulda Had A Baby Fighting Ring

[Note – I’m on vacation but this is too important not to comment on] 

“A’ight, you #)@&U%#*@s, who wanna kill some babies ri’ now!  I’se gots some reeeal fine babies who just ready t’ bite ‘n claw dey selfs to deaf!  Who wanna piece o’ dis akSHUN, y’all!”

This picture of a baby after a cage match would
evoke nothing but smiles and chuckles from lie-beral
dumbo-crats.  Christians, however, weep for at the mistreatment
of ALL life.

What the heck?!  Has that vacation gone to old Billy Bob’s head?  Has he been sitting on the beach in between prayer meetings without no sunscreen?  Is he turning into one of them poor pathetic people with nothing better to do then write whatever garbage comes into his head and put it on the Internet?  Well, I hope y’all would know me better than that!  Let’s try that first sentence with one of them words changed.

“A’ight, you #)@&U%#*@s, who wanna kill some dogs  ri’ now!  I’se gots some reeeal fine dogs who just ready t’ bite ‘n claw dey selfs to deaf!  Who wanna piece o’ dis acSHUN, y’all!”

Negro football player Michael Vick’s list of “crimes”
somehow never mention his obvious contempt for God.

I hope y’all ain’t drunk so much lie-beral kool-aid that I’m gonna have to spend too much time on this.  The fact is that any dumbo-crat that read that first statement was prolly looking for the closest ATM cuz there’s nothing they like better than dead babies.  So the thought of being able to not only watch babies dying but being able to BET on which one’s gonna win prolly the height of they think “culture” oughta be.  It’s just another way to boost the growing dead-baby economy that Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger’s descendants work so hard to fuel.  They’d think nothing of throwing two pre-borns in a cage match and that’s the truth.  Can’t y’all just hear the homos screaming “BRING ON THE LIONS!”

But dogs – oh, my goodness, that different story!  Dogs is “man’s best friend”.

The folks at Pre-born Eaters Thank America (or whatever PETA stands for) just cannot believe that Michael Vick would be so cruel, mean, evil, heartless and un-new-age as to be so mean to a dumb animal.  Doggies, I guess, is just more cute and cuddly than pre-born child.  You can put bandannas on them and teach them how to catch Frisbees. 

Perhaps if pre-borns could catch frisbees, the ghouls
at PETA might care a little more about them.  But since
it takes several years for a child to master the eye-hand
coordination necessary, they have no problem killing them.

What’s more (and I think this is the whole point) homos and lesbians can have as many dogs as they want cuz moral people know that homos and lesbos should have kids.  I ain’t got much Internet access right now, but I’ll bet that if you looked up all the people that belonged to PETA, you’d find prolly 85-90% actively live against Levitical teaching.  That means that there’re still plenty of places in America where they ain’t allowed to have kids.  So, if you look at it logically, it ain’t no big surprise that don’t care nothing about pre-borns.  It just gets ‘em all mad and they gotta go out and buy another dress (homos) or a new wrench (lesbos) to calm down.

The point I’m trying to make is that if Michael Vick had a baby fighting ring instead of a dog fighting ring, he’d probably not only still be playing football (the REAL football) but he’d have some kind of government subsidy and Planned Parenthood would provide the babies.

America, y’all oughta be ashamed of yourselves!


God is Love!

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