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[This is a commentary by a friend of mine, Newton Wilcox, who is on the board of directors for  I think it’s got some real important things to say]

There are some who, despite a multitude of facts and information to the contrary, continue to believe that the Republican party is racist.  Nothing is further from the truth.  In fact, if you are a negro, then there is no other party that works harder for you and your large extended family.  It is the Republican party, not the Democrat party, that wishes to leave no child behind.  It is the Republican party that would like to bring to an end the last vestiges of racism by discontinuing the quota system in all aspects of American life.  Did we only give trailers to white people in New Orleans?  The answer, of course, is no.  And which party put together a drug plan that would allow affordable drug treatment for sickle cell anemia?  It was the Republicans.

Does the name Clarence Thomas ring a bell?  How about J.C. Watts?  Dinesh D’Souza?  Condoleeza Rice?  The Republican Party gave all of these fine Negro Americans a chance succeed in careers that the Democrat Party would not trust them with.  When the truth is laid out plainly with the absence of what is popularly known as “spin” it unequivocally shows that the Republican Party is the “happening” place to be.

Lie-berals expend great amounts of energy attempting to refute this claim.  They point to their obsession with drugs and infidelity as points of intersection with the negro community.  It would be disingenuous to insist that some negroes do not engage in this type of behavior and vote Democrat for that precise reason.  However, we believe that the vast majority of them, raised by their grandmothers with a strong sense of morality, now realize that far from giving negros the tools to make the best of “their bad selves”, the Democrat Party  deceived them in order to keep them on their ideological plantation.

How, then, do we ingratiate our party into the negro community?

For too long, the school of thought taught us that as well-educated white men we are not allowed to have “soul”.  Sadly, we took this as a given in much the same way the Democrats convinced negros that instead of finding jobs they should stay home, have babies and live off the State.  And, just like negroes, we are getting the real “411”.  As Bill O’Reilly pointed out – our cultural differences (if there are any left) are not that far apart.  It is now more a question of style and sparkle.  And as “MC” Karl Rove pointed out, one need only try to reach out to negro cultural (if such a thing exists anymore) to find them reaching out the hand of friendship.

Our 5013c status prevents us from explicitly endorsing any presidential candidate and since Mitt Romney is a Mor(m)on we would never consider endorsing him to begin with.  However, he provides a wonderful  primer on how easily Republicans can infiltrate negro communities, disseminate their message of hope and leave unmolested.  Indeed, they may even find themselves enjoying their stay!

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You will notice three useful techniques in this video.

1)  Use a lyric from a song popular in that community.  In this case, Romney chose the song, “Who Let The Dogs Out?”  You can see their defenses drop almost immediately after he says this.  “My goodness,” they seem to say, “he knows the lyrics to one of my favorite songs!  And here I was told the Republican party was stodgy and stiff!”

2) Show more than superficial interest.  You’ll notice that Romney spends a fair amount of time with a negro girl dressed “to the nines” as some sort of a queen.  In the past, a simple “don’t you look pretty?” would have sufficed.  Instead, Romeny takes the time to open a dialogue about jobs and the economy with her!  “How’d you get those pretty white gloves,” he asks her.  This allows her to boast of how her daddy is employed because President Bush’s tax cuts stimulated the economy and narrowly avoided a crash and burn due to the previous administration’s largess.

3) Use the words they enjoy usingThis is not to say that you should use incorrect grammar or “axe” them questions – rather find one or two pieces of slang that you can easily toss into a conversation.  In this case, Romney remarks favorably on the child’s “bling bling”.  This humanizes you, allowing negro voters easily visualize you as a true man of ALL people.

This is why negro voters now flock to the Republican Party in droves!  Because we truly do care.

Or, you could show your contempt for negro voters by falling asleep during their speeches.

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To sum up – In the 2008 election, there is no reason for negros to vote for a negro Democrat when a white Republican candidate will do a better job as serving their interests.

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