postheadericon Mommy, Why Do They Hate Us?

Shelley the Republican is starting a new children’s publishing branch called Children Are Our Most Precious Resource Books.  We’re looking for illustrators but in the meantime, here’s our first offering on audiobook.

Mommy, why do they hate us?

They hate us because we believe in freedom.
They hate us because we wear hats.
They hate us because we play baseball when all they have is soccer.
They hate our stylish clothing.
They hate how we have 31 flavors of ice cream.
They hate us for our nice cars and garages to put those cars in and beautiful homes attached to those garages
They hate us because our Lord, Jesus Christ, loves us and would never ask us to blow ourselves up
They hate us because we are Americans living in America the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Mommy, Why Do They Hate Us?

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