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Folks, I’m just about ready to spit!  It’s taking every single ounce of my faith in Jesus Christ not to cuss.  These commie, hippie, socialists that run this “myspace” thing have crossed over the line!  Y’all might have to click on the picture to see it, but on my profile there is something that asks “Are You Johnny Depp?”  HECK NO, I AM NOT JOHNNY DEPP!!!  I don’t even want that traitorous, brie-eating, psuedo-Frenchman’s name anywhere CLOSE to mine!!  I’ve been pushing to have his citizenship revoked since he hates America so much that he can’t even stand to live here and lives in sin with some cheese-eating surrender monkey spawn!!

This is just another instance of how the lie-berals fight against everything and everyone that is decent in this world!!  I hope that y’all will write that Tom guy and tell him that he better shape up or go back to Russia!!


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