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The Lord works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.  Ain’t that the truth!  I ain’t computer smart and I ain’t sure if God is but He knows a awful lotta people that are and they been showing me stuff so that I may further glory His name.  It ain’t been easy – press here, click there at this time but not that time, hold this key down…I thought computers was supposed to make stuff EASY!  Laugh Out Loud!  Anyway, I hoping I was done with this old dog learning new tricks but I guess that ain’t the case.

The other day I was talking with Jesus and he was telling me that He thought the whole GodCast thing was as great way to spread His Word and His Love.  Then He says, “Y’all got them nice videos, too, right?”  And I says, “I do indeed, Lord!”  And He says, “Is there any way y’all can get them to the people in the same way you do with that wonderful Hour of Being Good that you do?”

Oh, my, I thought and Jesus smiled cuz I knew that He knew what I was thinking – having to learn more computer stuff.  Of course, He didn’t make me walk it alone.  He gave me help when I needed it.  Normally, I don’t much care for dot-heads, but one guy, Sanjee, seemed to know his stuff and he’s done some witnessing with real live Negroes in Africa.

So, anyway, the new Video GodCast is up and ready for downloading.

God is Love!

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