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While we have only the greatest respect for James Dobson, we do sometimes question his commitment to Christianity and its role in keeping America strong.  His pledge for Christians to vote only for candidates with sound biblical roots was a good start.  If you truly care about bringing God back to His rightful throne in the United States of America, please sign this pledge sheet and make multiple copies for your church and prayers groups.

Yours in Christ,

Newton Wilcox
Board of Directors
Shelley The Republican

Dear God


As Americans and Christians, we know that You expect more from us than You do from other countries and the non-Christian savages that live there.  We understand the only way to celebrate Your glory is to make America the only land that Jesus would feel comfortable living in.  To that end, we hereby pledge to only support candidates for any office, local, state or federal, that believe unreservedly in the following principles laid out by You in the Bible


1) Life – We will only support candidates that believe in the sanctity of human life and will work to protect it from the cradle to the grave.


2) 2nd Amendment – We will only support candidates that pledge to allow free and unfettered use of firearms for any purpose.


3) Marriage – We will only support candidates that believe that marriage is a sacred covenant between a man, a woman and You.  Furthermore,  we will support candidates who will only recognize Christian marriages and will work to get the government out of people’s bedrooms and let God in.


4) Homos – We will only support candidates that pledge to eradicate the homosexual agenda and the homosexuals that perpetrate it.


5) Faith – We will only support candidates that are willing to speak Your name and the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ who died on the cross to absolve us of our sins, loudly and proudly in any and all venues in which they speak at. 


6) Free Trade – We will only support candidates that believe in free trade in which America is no longer shackled by the sanctions of nations that are inferior to us.  Jesus wants Americans to prosper and would not have kicked the moneychangers from the temple if they had not been Jews.

We hereby pledge to boycott any media, organizations or individuals who refuse to support this pledge and/or actively work to undermine it.  We hereby authorize Shelley The Republican and its agents to speak for us in any capacity and in any forum, public or private.

We pledge to keep this pledge on our refrigerator until such time as America truly becomes “one nation under God” the founding fathers declared or we are transported to Heaven in the Rapture.
Yours in Christ


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