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Heavenly Father

We thank you for President Bush and his unwavering stewardship of Your command to bring democracy to Iraq

Very few presidents would have the single-mindedness to unquestioningly place their faith in Your hands

They would have sold the country You created out to the towelheaded islamo-fascists as quick as you could say Madalyn Murray O’Hare and then broken their marriage vows with a chubby Jewess

President Bush knows what is truly important and it does not involve listening to the nattering nabobs of negativism with a backbone as limp as a cross-dressing invalid

We also thank you for the remarkable service of Tony Snow who, day after day, valiantly struggled to the get the truth out to the American public despite a press that makes al Jazeera look like Fox News

Merciful Creator, I humbly thank you for steering that hurricane away from North Carolina so that our family vacation remains pleasant and that the Mexcians might learn to stop sending their drugged up, drunken criminals and prostitutes to sully the land You hold above all others


God is Love!

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