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Folks, I wanna let you know that with the help of God and my nephew, I got two CDs (which stands for Christ Deliverers) that y’all can buy to help me to help you to help Jesus to help keep the United States of America free from murderous, gay nazi cannibals!

Each of them is $6 or you can get both for $10. Tack on a buck for postage and y’all got salvation through the mail for less than it costs to buy crack cocaine to shoot into yer eyeball and/or download homo porn!  AND ya won’t end up in Hell, neither! That’s what I call a “pretty good deal”.

So y’all do what God wants you to, which is send $7 for one Christ Deliverer or $11 for both Christ Deliverers.

God bless you and keep America American!

Christ Deliverers

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