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I’m real sorry for putting this up late. The lie-berals over at WMFO apparent thought this show was too truthful and went and messed up the place that you get the thing from. Too bad for them that a lot of former godless Linux users find the strength and hope of Jesus Christ and was able to get the show anyway! Guess y’all lost again, SATAN!

Anyway, the “president” wants to let homos fight like girls in the military, which I guess makes sense if ya wanna lose the glorious War on Terror but like a retired military man told me, “ya can’t protect the front AND protect the rear.”

I also talk about the travesty of convicting Scott Roeder in 37mins and the good common sense of Phyllis Schlafly talking about how women can’t be oppressed cuz they live longer than men. Why don’t lie-beral THINK??

God is Love!

postheadericon MLK Were Republican And Didn’t Kill Pre-Borns

Today was Martin Luther King Day and while I don’t quite get why he needs his own day it’s important that Christians get seen as caring about Negroes and homos. I got a real good call from Steve in England talking about his bookface group that’s well on it’s way to its goal of Destroy All Forms of Socialism: NO to Public Services, Abolish Government! This boy’s got a head fulla Jesus if I ever seen one! And I gotta call from another young Christian boy asking for advice on how to help his friend come to Jesus.

Pretty good day of saving souls!

God is Love!

postheadericon Baseless Accusations And Maria Sotomayor

My goodness! I can understand that lie-beral defeato-crats who don’t know nothing about Jesus or morality might wanna think that I’m some kinda idiot but when God-fearing Christians start attacking me, well, I just don’t know what to say!

I also talk about how Maria Sotomayor ain’t got no chance in heck to get confirmed for the Supreme Court.  I been watching the hearings and y’all can follow me on that Twitter thing – @stronline.  I’ll do a wrap up in a little bit but when a nominee threatens a senator with a gun you can be pretty much sure that the rapture is coming soon!

God is Love!

postheadericon Don’t Murder The Baby!

This young man wrote probably one of the best anti-baby killing songs I’ve ever heard!  You can bet that I’m gonna be teaching it to my kids just as soon as they get back from home school!

God is Love!

postheadericon Neal Horsely Sings!

Neal Horsely is one of the greatest Americans living today.  He don’t think about nothing else except saving pre-borns for the glory of God.

There’s a lot of lie-berals who want you to believe they’re singing  “protest songs” when really they’re just praising Satan or advancing the homosexual agenda.  Neal Horsely sings REAL protest songs that praise our Lord in only the way a card carrying member of the Army of God can do.

So y’all sit back and enjoy some GOOD music for a change that the whole family can sing on car rides to protest your local abortuary!  I’m gonna guarantee you that you won’t be able to forget “Ol’ Scott Roeder Down In Wichita” and your kids is gonna be running around the house yelling CRACK CRACK CRACK and praising God’s name!

God is Love!

postheadericon Randall Terry Boston Press Conference

Randall Terry’s press conference in Boston was a lot shorter than I thought it was gonna be so I didn’t get to see it but I got to hang out and support the pre-borns by condemning Rudy Giuliani which was just as good!

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God is Love!

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