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postheadericon Repeal The 22nd Amendment NOW!

We got just about 2 weeks to “git ‘er done” and repeal the 22nd amendment to let President Bush win the glorious War On Terror!  Y’all need to download the petition and get everybody to sign it.   And to answer yer question – God’s will is gonna get done but that don’t mean that we should let these lie-berals punch us in the face.  You don’t stand in front of a truck and hope that God’s gonna stop it before it hits ya.

God is Love!

postheadericon Proof That Barack HUSSEIN Obama Ain’t A Christian!

Barack HUSSEIN Obama ain’t a Christian and the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission is gonna prove it to ya with a SEVEN part series.  That’s same as the number of days in Creation Week except it’s gonna be  Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s destruction instead because as soon as American’s have the PROOF that Homobama ain’t a Christian then you know they dang well will not vote for him or the corrupt Catholic he got as a “running mate”.

Now, y’all maybe thinking that you ain’t heard of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission and maybe wondering if it’s got anything with them Jews.  It don’t.  It was founded by General William Hollis who’s “an unabashed American patriot who loves both God and country and has shown it by his life’s work.”  He don’t like nobody talking down Christians and I’m pretty sick of it, too.  I’ve said it before, but I can’t walk down the street without somebody spitting on me and calling me a Christian.  So, that’s why he founded it.  I’m hoping that he’s gonna be able to get some laws passed that make it illegal to discriminate against Christians.

Even though it was founded in 1999, there were some “extenuating circumstances” that kept Gen. Hollis from really gearing up to stop the slander against Christians.  But now that he’s been on the job for a year or so, things is gonna be looking up more than me watching the sky for the Rapture!

This is only the first of the seven parts, so y’all keep an eye out on their YouTube channel!

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postheadericon Fox News Tells The Truth Again!

There’s a whole bunch people out there trying to throw a lotta blame around about how the mortgage industry got into the brief slump it’s going through right now.  And of course the lie-beral media who follow Homobama around like zombies doing his bidding wanna make it all the Republicans fault.  Now, y’all know my feelings about John McCain.  We can’t have a president that can’t salute the flag.  But he’s a pretty good senator and he knows his banking stuff pretty good.  He’s right when he says that getting rid of all the stupid rules that tied the hands of the banks (and that bondage stuff is straight out of the homo agenda) and kept ’em from making the money that keeps our economy strong was the right thing to do.  The markets is gonna get everything worked out but sometimes they need a gentle push like you’d give your boy to get him down the aisle on his first altar call.

But it takes a real smart guy to cut to the chase and put the blame squarely where it belongs.  On the lie-berals.  Republicans know better than to give out loans to negros and taco-jockeys.  We know that we ain’t never gonna see that money again.  Neil Cavuto knows it to and he ain’t afraid to spit in Satan’s face and tell the truth – it’s the LIE-BERALS that forced Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac to give deadbeats any kinda money they wanted to buy a house so they could pretend to “feel good” about themselves.  Them kinda deadbeat don’t need a free home from the government.  They need a boot in the butt and the promise of more to come if they don’t get off that butt and get a job like Jesus wants ’em to.

I’ve lost count of how many times lie-berals have destroyed America.  I’m hoping this gonna be the last.

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