postheadericon The Bright Side of $5 Gas


The New York Crimes reports on just that – crimes.  Whether it’s their undying support for Barack Osama Homo bin Laden or Sen Joseph Biden’s intimate involvement in the conspiracy to silence the honorable and trustworthy, Larry Sinclair, they’re gonna report on it.  Where the best place to buy heroin?  Check the New York Crimes!  They frequently report on the health of the prostitution industry (since most folks who read it also go to prostitutes) and it was a recent whore report that showed the bright side of high price  of gas.  Prostitution is down 19%!   The Lord works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform, so if it’s gonna take $5 gas to bring this country back to morality then I say – BRING IT ON!

The Bright Side of $5 Gas

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