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I hope y’all will listen to this edition of Crosstalk America which lays out in stark language how daycare is destroying the United States of America and the foundations that God built it on.  I ain’t a big one for writing emails, but God spoke clearly to me and told me “Billy Bob, you write Mrs. Schlueter and tell her exactly how grateful you were for that show.”  And since you don’t say no to God, that’s just what I did.

Dear Mrs. Schlueter,

Thank you so much for your show about the evils of daycare and how all of America’s children are becoming wicked, foul and evil.  I listened to the story of your sister on the track and the anger just built up inside me.  That 300 children would be allowed to behave in such a horrible way towards your beautiful Christian sister and her family is proof that society has abandoned all morals and any sense of decency.  Daycare, truly, is the only possible reason for this.  How else could an entire school behave so horribly unless they had all been raised by strangers?  In every government school in America these nasty, miserable children whose parents abdicated their parental responsibilities run free to harm, rape, kill and abuse both teachers and students while so-called Americans stand by and do nothing and, in many cases, give them pointers on how better to terrorize and enslave all who come in contact with them.  After hearing your show I’m frankly scared to leave my home on the chance that I might come across a gang of sixth graders who, indoctrinated by the Homosexual Agenda, will rape, torture and kill me simply because I have a “God is my co-pilot” bumper sticker on the back of my truck.

I’m going to pray so hard that God touches the hearts of our elected officials to mandate that parents stay home with their children for the first five years of their lives and that they work towards dismantling the government school system.  If we can get Newt Gingrich in office, I’m confident that we can pass tax breaks that will make home and Christian schooling desirable options!

God bless you and the whole Crosstalk staff!

God is Love!

Billy Bob Neck
(617) 297-2463

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