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The other day, while I saved pre-borns from painful and cruel cold-blooded murder, I watched some vile hippie lie-beral try enter a Starbucks to support the homosexual agenda by buying her daily dose of mind-control medicine as mandated by the dumbo-crat party.  I saying “trying” cuz no matter how hard she pushed she just could not get that door open.  A minute or so, while she’s still pushing, she gets knocked on her butt by someone pushing the door from the inside.  See, she wasn’t supposed to be pushing the door she was supposed to be pulling the door.  She somehow got the idea of pushing into her head and she couldn’t step back and look at the situation outside of her own, twisted and wrong-headed bias.  It didn’t matter that it weren’t working – she was gonna keep at it until it worked the was she wanted it to work.  Lie-berals generally work this way which is one of the reason this once proud and great country turned into a bubbling cesspool wickedness.  It don’t matter that almost every single person in America don’t want gay marriage.  The lie-berals are gonna keep pushing it until the rest of the country knocks them on their butts.

But it ain’t just lie-berals.  Every once in a great while we Christians fall into that trap.  But we have a secret weapon – Jesus.  When things ain’t going the way we want them to, we get down on our knees and ask Him if we’re doing the right thing or if not, what new course of action we should take.  And Jesus always comes through.

Now, President Bush warned us from the very beginning that the War On Terror wasn’t gonna be a cakewalk.  It was gonna take time, money and sacrifice from the American people and true Americans have risen to the challenge while the loony, lie-beral left stocked up on hummus and pita bread and screamed like sissies that it couldn’t be won.  Like General Patraeus said, we’ve made consistent progress and we will win but nobody promised anybody a rose garden and with Iran sticking their nose into it, it ain’t been easy.

All kinds of plans and theories have got thrown around about how to put the nail in the coffin of Terror and commend its soul to Hell from where it come from, but, like the tramp at Starbucks, no one’s taken the time to step back and re-think it.

Except Bill Keller.

Who’s Bill Keller?

Bill Keller is the internets premiere evangelist. He hosts “Live Prayer AM with Bill Keller” each day for one hour starting at 7:30 am on Tampa’s WTTA TV 38. His no nonsense style of evangelism is refreshing if not radical. Keller stays close to his Biblical worldview and quotes from the bible constantly in his presentations. He doesn’t clamor for money but calls attention to everything gone wrong in America. He delivers his daily messages with compelling authority and conviction and keeps the last five messages archived online so his viewers can see any they have missed. With guests often as interesting as him, the broadcast is anything but boring. Live Prayer is soon to be aired nationwide on the i network (ION TV) formerly known as PAX TV.

Bill found that nail and the hammer to pound it in with and I think I speak for most of us when I say that I feel kinda stupid that we didn’t think of it a whole lot earlier than now.  What’s this simple idea?

Convert Osama bin Laden to Christianity.

It’s a simple as that!  I feel like a great big dummy!

This video from Pastor Keller will undoubtedly get seen by Osama and he’s gonna realize that everything Pastor Keller says is true!

  • He lives like a goat in a cave
  • He’s evil
  • He follows a man who was murderous pedophile
  • Islam was dreamed up by Satan
  • The Koran was written by Satan
  • He’s a coward
  • And the only way he’s going to avoid Hell is turn his back on this false and evil religion he got duped into believing in
  • PLUS – once he’s saved he can redeem himself in the eyes of God by saving millions by opening the eyes of his followers to his new-found love of Christ!

Like I said – Sometimes you gotta step back and throw away the old thoughts that sometimes hide the truth from you.

God bless you, Pastor Keller!  I’m gonna have the first good night’s sleep I’ve had in a long, long while.

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God is Love!

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