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Well, my goodness!  It’s what every American dreams of – the chance to ask candidates if they’re America-hating, gay-loving, big-government baby killers or if they’re Christians.  Janet Folger, who wrote the eye-opening and terrifying book The Criminalization of Christianity, put together one heckuva debate and the real leaders of America showed up while the cowardly Romney, Julie, McCain and Thompson refused to show up to answer simple questions on whether they’d be ok with teachers demonstrating Sodomy to kindergarteners.  She even offered the dumbo-crats their own special debate and not one of ’em said they’d show up!  Like they said, if they can face getting questioned by Phyllis Schlafly, how’re they gonna take on Osama bin Laden!

Anyway, this here is a kind of an overview.

God is Love!

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