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I get a lotta hateful emails from folks saying, “Billy Bob, you dumb, ignorant, small-minded, inbred, redneck hick, why don’t y’all just…” and here there’s usually some kind of profane or deviant action that goes directly against the word of God.  Y’all might think it might take a toll on a body and maybe it does but it don’t matter cuz  doing the Lord’s work don’t leave much time for shirking.  If anything it makes my a little sad cuz it means there’s one less angel in Heaven.  Still, Jesus died in unbearable pain on the cross to save me from my sins so I ain’t got too much to complain about.  I usually sit down and re-read the Book of Job and thank God that I ain’t covered in boils.

Every now and again, though, God gives you a gift.  I guess I oughta say “another gift” cuz ain’t nothing tops the gift of eterenal life through Salvation in His Son, Jesus Christ.  And today he gave me a gift.  A young man named Robert left a video that just made my heart soar!  Since so much of the world hates God and therefore hates me, it ain’t too often that I get anyone defending me, let alone with the kind of quality smarts and wisdom this young man brings to God’s table.  I gotta a feeling we could be looking at the next Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell!

God bless you, Robert!  And God bless God!

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God is Love!

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