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(Well, somehow the wrong filename got in there and I posted a show from January.  This here’s the right one!) 

Dr. Rev. Jerry Falwell passed on to received the Lord’s favorable judgment for his good works on Earth.  It’s too bad that lie-berals and secular humanists just ain’t smart enough to understand the man’s heart simply could not tolerate hate.  He just rejected it.  It’s like when you eat something bad and your tummy gets upset and you throw up.  That’s the same thing with Dr. Rev Falwell – as soon as he felt hate inside him he just spewed it out of his mouth.

Also, toward the end of the show I got a call from some confused guy named Mike who 1) thought being a Catholic was ok and 2) that just being a good person would get you into Heaven.  What’re they teaching kids these days?!  I’ll tell you what – how to have sodomy and hate America!

God is Love!

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